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We want to create a new computer world, where things are no harder than they need to be, and that's so difficult, because the issue was never electronics, and was never the inners of complex operating systems, the issue was always (how much have I got) You got two minutes the issue was always the design of imaginary constructs. You see, science is supposed to be about universals, and yet computer science, I believe, has become sidetracked into the ramifications of tradition, because it's all about computer languages which are written as long strings. So, you write a program as a long string, and then you do string matching against the various variables and the opcodes and so on, and then that thing compiles an executable. So people go all off into the the consequences of string parsing and syntax, but the real issue is the complex executable, making it understandable, because computer languages are about the human mind's grasp for the task to be done, and maintaining it through iterations as you improve the program. Ok, so the design, so computer science has always been I believe about the design of imaginary constructs and their ramifications. But everybody thinks it's about reality, and that's the mistake. It's much more like game design.