Release of Advene 0.40

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Release of Advene 0.40

Post by oaubert » Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:23 pm

Version 0.40 of the Advene software has been released. It solves compatibility issues with recent software versions (python2.6, gstreamer 0.10.22.). gstreamer is now the default player on all platforms, VLC being an alternative. Various improvements in search and annotation alignment have been integrated.

Data can be imported from the following formats: text, SRT subtitles, ELAN, PRAAT, CMML, IRI, Anvil, MPEG7 (FreeTextAnnotations only), Xi, AnnotationGraph, shotdetect, lsdvd

Data can be exported to the following formats: SMIL, SVG, HTML+CSS, SRT subtitles, spreadsheet, CMML

A summarized change list can be found in the changelog: ... iew=markup
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