How was it built?The film was annotated with several annotations of type "Actor" linked with the fragments corresponding to their first appearances. Each "Actor" annotation contains information about the name of the character in the movie, the name of the actor, and the URL of the related IMDB page. Fragment information is used for the snapshot and the link to the video, names and IMDB URLs are also used for presenting the characters.

What is this view?This view presents the different characters of the movie, the actors that play them, and links to their IMDB page.

Nosferatu cast

Below the principal characters of the film, in order of appearance.

Jonathon Harker, played by Gustav von Wangenheim

Nina Harker, played by Greta Schröder

Renfield, played by Alexander Granach

Lucy, played by Ruth Landshoff

Westenra, played by G.H Schnell

Inkeeper, played by Guido Herzfeld

Nosferatu, played by Max Schreck

Professor Van Helsing, played by John Gottowt

First Mate, played by Wolfgang Heinz

Captain, played by Max Nemetz

Doctor in hospital, played by Hardy von Francois

The names in the english version movie correspond to the original Bram Stoker's Dracula novel names, not to the ones in the Murnau german movie.

Maybe you don't see the snapshots taken from the video stream. If so, it means that the images have not been extracted from the video yet, and that you should let the player capture them during the video play. As an illustration, you can use the links to navigate to the first appearances of the characters in the movie, thus allowing Advene to take the snapshots, and then reload the pages. The snapshots should now be present. Remember that for accelerating things, you can save images when exiting Advene for later reuse.