How was it built ?Simple HTML and package ressources images.

What is this view ?This view presents the note-taking asssistant.

Advene assistants

Note-taking assistant

The note-taking assistant allows the user to take textual notes while watching a movie. Notes can be temporalized by adding temporal marks to the text. Two consecutive temporal marks can further be used to delimitate an annotation whose content will be the text contained beween the marks. Hence the note-taking assistant allows the user to annotate a movie by writing text, dropping temporal marks in it, and exporting the textual structure as a set of annotations. Reversely, it is possible to transform as set of annotations into a temporally marked text

To open the note-taking assistant, use this icon . Annotating consists in taking notes watching the movie, and putting temporal marks by clicking in the view with the left button of the mouse (you can right-click on a mark to adjust it, of use the mouse wheel). Some marks can be toggled so as to ignore the text that follows it when exporting notes as annotations. When the notes are prepared, use the button, and select the annotation type. Notes can be saved with their temporal marks, so as to reopen them later. It is also possible to generate temporalized notes from a set of annotations.