How was it built ?Simple HTML.

What is this view ?This view gives some hints on how to annotate with Advene.

Step 1 : Annotations

First of all, create a "Mirror" annotation type in the "Element" schema, choosing "text/plain" as the content type. The contents of the annotations will contain plain text describing the mirror and its use in the movie. To create the annotation type, open a tree view, open the "Schema" subtree, and right-click on the "Elements" schema to add a new type. You can also use the "AT" icon, or use the "New" button on the left of the timeline view.

Once the new "Mirror" annotation type is created, use the timeline view or the note-taking assistant to create annotations.

A Nosferatu's mirror static view has already been designed, open it to see how the annotations you created can be presented.