How was it built ?Simple HTML using images saved in the package ressources.

What is this view ?This view presents how to create some relations.

Exercices step 2 : Relations

To create new annotations, you first need to define an annotation type in your schema. To do so, open the treeview , right-click on the name of your courrent annotation schema and choose 'create new relation type'. It will ask you its name and its type of content, as for the annotation type. You'll then need to choose what kind of annotation you can link with these relation, adding members to it.

In our case, the schema into which adding the relation type is "Elements", you sould create a new relation type named "Appearance", with content type "text/plain" and members of type "Actor" and "Shot".

Once the "Appearance" relation type is created, you can add relation from the timeline view . You just have to click on the 'create relation' button , and then drag the origin annotation to the destination one.