The main Advene documentation can be found on the Advene wiki, including various FAQs. You are invited to contribute to this documentation.

We previously had a web-based forum, but spammers unfortunately made it a too huge task to properly handle. We have kept a read-only archive of the forum with questions/answers mostly about Advene1 but many answers still apply to more recent Advene versions.

If you think you have found a bug, or have a feature request, please use the bug tracker. If you have general questions about using Advene, please add it to the GeneralQuestions page on the wiki, so that other users can benefit from the answers.

Additionally, you may contact us by mail at contact -at-, or on Twitter if your questions fits in 140 (or 280?) characters.

Sponsoring development

You can support Advene by funding maintenance (bug fixes) or the development of new features. Please contact us for discussing your needs and possibilities.

Experiment: annotation-based forum

As an experiment, you can use the ([] text annotation service as a forum: annotate one of the Question words below by selecting it with your mouse. The popup should then open, and you can enter your question as an annotation. The answer will be provided as an annotation too, and you should get notified of its appearance on the website.

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  4. Question
  5. Question
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