Advene 3.6 is released!

Posted on Wed 03 October 2018 in articles

Advene 3.6 is released. It is for the moment released only as source and as Debian/Ubuntu packages. The MacOSX and Windows installers need to be completely reworked and tested, and I currently do not have the time for it. I am ready to help any person that would be interested in helping on this issue, so please contact me if you can either help, or sponsor (financially) this installer update.

The latest developments have been funded in the context of the AdA project.

The user manual has been migrated to Github wiki, feel free to contribute.

Here are some highlights of the new features (described in more detail in the CHANGES.txt file). The focus has been on constrained vocabulary edition, merging and export infrastructure.

  • A new "Keyword list" annotation type has been introduced. It defines a dedicated syntax as a list of keywords separated by a comma. An optional comment can be added between parentheses.

Using KeywordList annotations impacts the behaviour of the quickfill entry system: when on an annotation, pressing 1 to 9 key will toggle the nth predefined keyword in the annotation content. This allows to quickly input a list of keywords.

  • Package merges have been streamlined, allowing multiple packages merge in a single action.

  • A new generic exporter API has been defined. It allows to define python-based exporters through plugins. It defines a default JsonFlatExporter, more robust and efficient than the previous template-based exporter. It is exposed in TALES expression through the /export global method.