2021-03-02 : Advene 3.11

3.11 screenshot

  • Usage of Advene in the Ada project
  • The interface has not changed significantly, but in the context of the AdA project, Advene has seen many enhancements in multiple areas:
  • WebAnnotation (RDF as JSON-LD) import export for integration with semantic web databases
  • Screenshot precision
  • Import/export filters developments and improvements
  • Web-based timeline export

2011-12-21 : Advene 1.0

1.0 screenshot

  • Authoring hypervideos with Advene
  • This interface view summarizes one of the essential workflows of Advene:
    1. annotations are produced through dedicated interfaces. In this example, a transcript of the conference is produced through the note-taking view (at the right of the video player), with timestamps represented as screenshots.
    2. the various annotations can be used to explore/analyse the video, most often by using the graphical timeline presentation (below the video player).
    3. the annotations are used to generate hypervideo documents. In this example, an embedded web browser (at the right of the window) displays an interactive transcript of the video, structured by higher level annotations and illustrated with screenshots extracted from the video.

2011-04-06 : Advene 0.46

0.46 screenshot

  • The Feature extraction algorithm dialog (activated through File/Process video) is displayed at the right of the video. A detected feature is displayed over the video.

2010-06-10 : Advene 0.42

0.42 screenshot

  • A SVG annotation is displayed over the main video player (see screencast).
  • A second video player, synchronized with the main one, displays the same movie (see screencast). It could be used to display multiple versions of the same event for instance.
  • Below the video, the shot validation interface displays frames for selecting the appropriate shot boundary (see screencast).
  • The new trace interface is displayed at the right.

2010-02-26 : Advene 0.40

0.40 screenshot

  • The activity trace is displayed as a vertical timeline.
  • A WYSIWYG editor (here at the right of the video) allows the creation of comments enriched by annotations (through drag and drop).

2009-03-16 : Advene 0.38

0.38 screenshot

  • The activity trace can be displayed (here at the right of the window) as a vertical timeline.
  • The Edition history view (here at the left of the video) displays the last edited/created elements.

2009-01-05 : Advene 0.36

0.36 editor screenshot

  • The activity trace can be displayed (here at the right of the video) to offer a form of reflexivity to the user.
  • The Edition history view (here at the left of the video) displays the last edited/created elements.
  • The new "Website export" feature allows to export a set of static views, as is demonstrated by this export of the Nosferatu package.

2008-08-25 : Advene 0.34

0.34 editor screenshot

  • New HTML editor
  • The basic HTML editor now allows to edit simple HTML content, with drag-and-drop of annotations and other elements.

2008-07-04 : Advene 0.32

0.32 GUI Screenshot

  • The screenshot shows a sample Braille-output (through the Braille display emulator provided by brltty).

2008-05-19 : Advene 0.30

0.30 GUI Screenshot

  • main GUI (Annotated version)
  • The main window features three views that allow to create annotations :
    • The timeline view, that allows to directly create annotations in a specified type through a simple keystroke (Return/Type content/Return)
    • The note-taking view, where timestamps marks are inserted - automatically or on-demand - while the user takes notes while watching the video.
    • The active bookmarks view, where the user identifies timestamps and then reorganises them into annotations.
  • At its right, the Accumulator view offers to edit concurrently multiple annotations in a single window.

2007-12-01 : Advene 0.26

0.26 Main GUI Screenshot

  • Timeline with illustrating screenshots, and the annotation visualisation pane at the right.
  • At the right of the video, a transcription view of the text panels, synchronized with the video.
  • At the right of the window, a generated HTML view of the text panels.

2007-06-08 : Advene 0.23

0.23 Main GUI Screenshot

  • Example of quicksearch through annotation contents (quicksearch entry in the top right hand corner)

2007-01-04 : Advene 0.21

0.21 Main GUI Screenshot

  • customizable views of the main GUI
  • example of embedded HTML view

2006-03-22 : Advene 0.20

0.20 Main GUI Screenshot

  • integration of views to the main GUI
  • package tree view and URL stack view switchable

0.20 Transcription View Screenshot

  • stand alone transcription view (for annotation)
  • Pop-up navigation view

0.20 HTML view Screenshot

  • HTML view for navigation
  • integrated transcription view (for visualization)

2005-0-13 : Advene 0.17

Main GUI Screenshot

  • View of the main GUI
  • integration of many elements in one single GUI
  • navigation history and URL stack view
  • navigation popups
  • "Nelson" example package and video (see the example section)

2004-0-13 : Advene 0.2


  • HTML document generated from the annotations and from pictures extracted on-the-fly from the DVD
  • main application window (video-player controls, etc.)
  • timeline view of the annotations
  • video view with captioned contents of an annotation

Tree View Screenshot

  • Tree view of a package's contents

Ruleset Screenshot

  • Dynamic rules edition