Features of the Advene application

  • Annotation of video documents. Advene supports any video format, and can also read from from DVDs or streams.
  • Easy and custom re/structuration of annotations
  • Multiple interfaces are available to create annotations: definition of video bookmarks, synchronized note-taking, as well as import from files (like srt) and some automatic extraction (shot detection, audio segmentation...).
  • Display of annotations' content (or anything derived) as text or SVG caption on the video (screencast)
  • Multiple built-in views of annotations : timeline, finder, transcription, ...
  • Embedded webserver with dynamic generation of XHTML documents using data from annotations
  • A static capture of generated documents can be obtained, with the insertion of an embedded video player, in order to publish the documents on a standard web server (see examples).
  • Ability to dynamically control the video player based on the annotations, by defining dynamic views (for instance Display text as captions and propose to navigate between shots)
  • Annotations and views are stored in packages that can be saved, shared, stored on a server, etc.
  • Data can be imported from many formats, including: text, SRT subtitles, ELAN, PRAAT, CMML, IRI, Anvil, MPEG7 (FreeTextAnnotations only), Xi, AnnotationGraph, shotdetect, lsdvd
  • Data can be exported to multiple formats, including: SMIL, SVG, HTML+CSS, SRT subtitles, spreadsheet, CMML. And, thanks to the template-based system, export to any XML-based format is easy to achieve.