How was it built ?This static view just features XHTML and links to both static and dynamic views.

What is this view ?This view is the main page of the "Discovery" submenu. It gives hints on different means of discovering the movie, by launching static and dynamic views.

Discovery of Nosferatu

Nosferatu image

If you have not watched the film before, you may want to watch it first using Advene player buttons, or any video player outside Advene.

If you want to learn french or if you prefer french translation of the panels, you can use the dynamic ▶Translation▶ view, which shows the translation of the panels contents in popups under the video when they appear on the screen. You can click on the top of the popups to close them. The (info) links in the menu are intended to give you hints on the internals of a dynamic view, you can skip them at first.

You should can also have an overview of the movie by visiting the Summary page, to get an overview of its different parts (beware, spoilers inside) and be able to navigate through it.

The Text Panels view displays a summary of the panels found in Nosferatu.

You can also consult the cast of the movie or its IMDB page.

Another way to navigate through this video is by using the ▶Navigation▶ dynamic view. This view displays popups under the video, giving you the name of the part, and proposing you to jump to the previous or the next part of the film.