How was it built ?This view was designed with simple XHTML with some links to other static views.

What is this view ?This static view introduces the reader to technical details of the Advene prototype, so that he can experience annotation and view construction in the last part of the hypervideo.

Technical details

To go deeper into the principles of Advene, the package details view introduces you to annotations and relations, annotations and relation types, schemas, static, dynamic and ad-hoc views, queries, etc.

This "Technical details" part of the hypervideo also features one page on the dynamic views of the package, and another on ad-hoc views in Advene. The note-taking assistant, that allows you to design annotations in a text-based way is also presented.

You can also consult some explainations on how this package was designed in the Package conception view.

Having this technical insight in mind, you should have sufficient knowledge to access the Do-it-yourself part of this hypervideo.

You may also want to go to the Administration view of this Advene package, which gives you administrative access to each of its elements.