How was it built ?This view simply features text and links to dynamic and statuc views.

What is this view ?This view is the main view for the "Further analysis" of the movie. It gives access to dynamic and static views.

Further analysis of the movie

Using different dynamic views, you can enrich your experience watching the video. For example, the ▶panels overview▶ view will loop through parts of the movie were panels are displayed. It uses relations between panels to go to the next one and subtitle the video with the origin of the text (narrator, character name, book).

You may also watch a ▶Storyboard▶, that dynamicaly stops the video player and loads external URL in a browser,displaying an abstract (from of the part currently playing.

You can navigate in the movie through a full transcription of the dialogs of the movie.

You can read a short analysis of various themes that contribute to the atmosphere of the movie.

At last, you can find an analysis on how and when emotions are expressed in Nosferatu.